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Vocal Tuning and Post Production

Vocal Tuning and Post Production

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Polished and tight vocals are essential to achieving a professional mix! Unfortunately, more often than not mixing engineers do not clean or produce vocals as their job entails mixing a whole record. Those that do include vocals as part of their standard mixing rate will often just do a run of Auto-Tune or quickly snap your vocals to the Melodyne grid. If you are lucky you will get an ok sound but you wont ever get a tailored specific sound of your own. That is where I come in to help you get that great sound you have always dreamed of!

My vocal tuning and post production package includes:

-Vocal tuning of your main vocal and harmonies.

-Post production editing of excessive sibilance via manual de-essing.

-Proper by phrase amplification to avoid over compression or overdriving saturators.

-Time alignment of harmonies, overdubs or vocal doubles.

-If necessary we will also restore your vocal with noise, hum, reverb removers and manual spectral editing. 

-And of course creating a sonic imprint on your vocals via desired saturators, distortion effects and temporal effects like delay and reverb. 

Let’s get that professional sound you have always dreamed of now!

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